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MUSICAL TOYS For Pure Fun And Learning

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A boy with a toy trumpet in front of a street band (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Toys are a kid's friend, in so many ways. Apart from the fun and amusement it offers, they hold a special place in every child's memory about their childhood. From dolls to Robots, the variety of toys now available is rapidly increasing. The variety of toys and playthings are now limited only by the creativity of manufacturers and the demand of the consumers.

Musical toys have become popular for its known contribution to the child's social and personal development. Music has its impact on a child even during the infancy stage. Musical toys are a common sight at playschools, learning centers, schools, and homes too. Since at early age sound plays an important role to teach young kids motor skills, alphabets, numbers and other basic concepts, various toys like musical books and Rhymes DVD etc are used. Some of the common musical toys for toddlers include - drum sets, a toy piano, sing-along song CDs, toy trumpet, mini guitar, handbells, Xylophones and interactive musical alphabets and number games.

Toys like vehicles and musical instruments find there a way in children's collection throughout their childhood. From being a toddler to a teenager, one can find all kinds of musical toys and gadgets in a typical toy collection of any child. One of the characteristics of the musical toys that have made them popular with parents as well is that any given musical toy can be used for fun and amusement and can be used for adapted play and be learning too. Even a simple Rhythm set can be used to teach different concepts like numbers, colors, and shapes by assigning a different sound to a different number, color or a shape. A lot of creative adaptations are possible with musical toys and they are best options to help children learn with fun and in an informal way.

Elementary education has found a friend in musical toys. If you are a parent or involved in early childhood education you would know what we are talking about here. Music knows no boundaries and it easily transcends every age and culture too. Creative musical books are considered as multi-purpose learning teaching musical resource for the entire early education environment. A lot of music books come with split activities to suit different ages including songs and activities for younger babies, older babies, and toddlers. A little beyond elementary education musical instrument toys for children beyond 3 are an excellent source to teach children reading, writing and math. With the advent of teaching-learning software for various subjects like language, math, and science, the difficult concepts are broken down into easily understandable interactive units.

Musical toys have gradually found its way into sophisticated computer games and specific skill learning software where the audio-visual features employ concepts like artificial intelligence. The bottom line is music is something that is relevant for all ages and is widely appreciated by children of all ages. Hence they have gained popularity among parents and other stakeholders in the field of training and education.

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