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Tuesday, May 23, 2017


Some of the greatest Broadway shows are no longer available as live performances but have been recorded so that they bring out people get to see them even in future, long after the show as already has been performed.

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A playwright by the name Andrew Lloyd Webber created a show that was known as the Broadway musicals cats. This has been proven to be one of the most exhilarating shows to ever have been made. It grasped audiences in multitudes. People could not stop talking about it long after it was performed. This is always a great reward for the playwrights. The reviews for this show were also very worthwhile.

A script could be amazing but the troupe meant to bring out the story could be horrendous. It is therefore of great importance that the troupe act out the story well. The troupe who did the story of the Broadway musicals cats was magnificent. The story being about how cats survive in the world, you could actually be forgiven to think the cats themselves did the acting. This tells you how well the troupe played the roles.

Some people are skeptical about Broadway shows and think that they are only for a certain age limit. The truth is that a show like the Broadway musicals cats is for everyone, be it young or old. The younger ones however seem to have much more fun with the shows than the adults. This is true because of the strong imagination they have. The cats in the show are not like your ordinary Garfield, they have different colors like red and blue. How is that for imagination!

By Peter Gitundu
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