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Friday, September 8, 2017


Anna Pavlova in costume for the Dying Swan, Bu...
Anna Pavlova in costume for the Dying Swan, Buenos Aires, c. 1928
 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Dance is an art which gives a chance to the individuals to express their self expressions and emotions. Dance is the best way to reduce stress and boost your mood. Today individuals of all age groups prefer to opt for dance instead of exercises and jogging. This is because dance not only helps in toning their body but it also helps in socializing and relaxing. Since ancient times there are dancers who have contributed in the development of different dance forms.

Some world famous dancers who are still remembered for their valuable contribution in dance are:

• Anna Pavlova:
 She was known for her classical ballet. Even today she is remembered for her performance in ‘The Dying Swan’.

 • Mikhail Baryshnikov
Mikhail was a director in American Ballet Theater. He had also worked as the male dancer in ballet for some plays.

• Vaslav Nijinsky
Vaslav was a ballet dancer who was famous in 1950’s for his excellent athletic body and ability to perform with perfection and confidence in theater plays.

Astaire with Eleanor Powell in Cole Porter's &...
Astaire with Eleanor Powel
(Photo credit: 
• Jack Cole
‘Jack Cole’ is considered to be the father of jazz dance techniques that are used by many jazz dancers today. Cole’s dance techniques emphasized more on angled placements, isolations and change of directions.

• Katherine Dunham
Katherine was the first African- American women who found great success as a choreographer in the 19th century. She even came up with her own dance troupe and gained popularity in the world for her jazz steps.

 • Fred Astaire
Fred is well remembered for his flawless dance styles. Apart from a good dancer Fred was also a singer, choreographer, actor and a leading entertainer in Broadway.

• Michael Jackson

Well known as the king of loping and popping Michael Jackson was one the famous dancers in the world in 20th century. He revolutionized the world of dance with his excellent dance moves.