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Friday, February 3, 2017

Mastering VIRTUAL DRUMS for the Live Beat Maker - BEATH THANG

Every music creator, regardless of his or her type or size, feels the urge to impress a screaming audience and become not only a music creator, but a creator of amazing concerts as well. A showman or show woman, if you will. But if you’re more of a beat maker than a music creator per se, chances are that you write music on software instruments like virtual drums.

The problem with writing music on virtual drums is that it doesn’t translate into live performance the same way more traditional music creators can warp their craft for such. So what is a beat maker, a different animal than a pure music creator, to do?

Become a beat maker on virtual drums that make live performance easy as possible, of course! Most virtual drum sequencers used by beat makers require the navigation of a laptop while on stage, or the mental ability to use piano keys as drum pads.

Virtual drum studios like Beat Thang (this tool does a whole lot more than just drums, but more on that later) has a user interface with pads that can be converted for any noise, and will make more visual sense to beat makers using it for virtual drums than the interfaces mentioned above.

To get a little more specific, let’s take a look at exactly the things Beat Thang allows music creators to do on stage, virtual drums or not. Aside from the familiarity of the above mentioned key pad, Beat Thang most impressively offers real-time looping with virtually no load time. This means that beat makers and other music creators can make loops on the fly during a live set.

There will be no load time delay, which is especially important if you’re looping virtual drums. As any beat maker knows, even the slightest mishap in a drum loop and the whole thing sounds off.

Beat Thang’s features were designed by professional musicians for all levels of musician, so it’s no surprise that they came up with this next feature for beat makers: the ability to design your own effects (reverb, delay, chop & screw parameters, etc.) and program them in pre-sets to use when performing live.

Any music creator or beat maker knows how great in can be to have a sound you designed in your back pocket to use when just the time is right during your set. If you tweaked every individual virtual drum kit sound, you could potentially create a set the likes of which have never been heard before, except only in your head!

Beat Thang also has patents pending for side mounted pitch shift and modulation wheels, another feature music creators and beat makers could use for every sound on Beat Thang. Even an instrument like virtual drums that is atonal would sound more interesting with the occasional pitch shift.

Performing to thousands of screaming fans is a dream every beat maker or music creator has, and doing so for synthesized music with confidence and ease is now possible with mobile production studio Beat Thang. To learn more about Beat Thang, please visit