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English: Holt High School's Marching Band.
Holt High School's Marching Band. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Marching band is a term given to musicians, dance teams, or color guard members that play woodwinds, brass, or percussion instruments while adding marching with their performance. They wear costumes that consists of the organization or school's name or symbols as part of the uniform.

Marching bands are differentiated by size, function, and style of their performance.They usually perform in parades which are outdoors, but they also perform in indoor concerts that apply the traditions and flair from outside performances. They also perform at unique events such as band competitions, especially during sporting events.

Marching bands are believed to be originated from the troops of wandering musicians who performed at celebrations, functions, or festivals throughout the world in ancient times. Bands with names pertaining to certain areas came into prominence after the emergence of different states, named "Military Bands". This is the main reason why many marching bands still wear costumes similar to military uniforms.

There are various types of marching bands:

Military bands: These bands have been classified by historians as the first type of marching band. The instrumentation rarely varies from the percussion and brass instruments. They usually march forward in straight lines and the music is played in a continuous form to assist the military group who march to the tune and rhythm.

Show Bands: These bands generally perform at sporting events providing entertainment.

Carnival Bands: These bands usually participate in sports competitions and parades. They usually use instruments of percussion and brass.

Scramble bands: They are also known as Scatter Bands and they often include humorous rudiments in their performances.

Drum and Bugle corps style: These bands follow the military type of marching along with the music. They are divided into classic and modern bands.

Some other important changes that have occurred in marching bands are the addition of dance lines and the inclusion of color guard members. In recent days, most music bands are usually associated with American football besides the military and police organizations.

No matter what type of band your performing in, hard work and dedication are the keys to success. Yes, it's going to be a lot of work. Though, a person can learn so much through these types of bands, including teamwork and patience. If one person is unable to perform at their highest level, the entire band can be thrown off. This takes a level of commitment that can surpass most recreational activities.

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