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CLARINET MOUTHPIECES Guide - Tips For Choosing the Right One For Your CLARINET

A clarinet is never complete with without a suitable mouthpiece that contributes to its overall timbre and pitch quality. Clarinet mouthpieces are generally attached on the instrument's top end. They can be made of different materials like hard rubber or plastic and they come in varying facing lengths. Using this clarinet mouthpieces guide, you can determine which type of mouthpiece is best for your instrument and your taste.

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Selmer C85 120 Mouthpiece,
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Hard rubber versus plastic

In this clarinet mouthpiece guide, we shall compare the 2 kinds of materials that make up most of the clarinet mouthpieces made nowadays: plastic and hard rubber.

Plastic: plastic mouthpieces for clarinets are made of durable and solid plastic. They are characterized by their lightweight and thin features, and because of these, you can only use them for a limited period of time only. They can eventually warp over time and can also crack without proper maintenance. However, they are readily available and inexpensive because of mass-production.

Hard rubber: made from heavy-duty rubber, it boasts high durability compared to plastic clarinet mouthpieces. Therefore, you can expect it to withstand cracks, scratches, and other types of damages. It is also more stable for a fuller sound and a longer balanced tone but it demands high maintenance and a high budget for buying.

What to buy

To end this clarinet mouthpiece guide, here are some tips you can use to buy the right one regardless of the material used to make them. For starters, check the mouthpiece bore because this can help determine the quality of sound that you can produce. A small bore produces a focused and compact tone while mellow and dark tones are produced by larger ones. Finally, check the facing length and make sure that it is long for improved flexibility and control. Long-facing mouthpieces also make stronger lows and vigorous sounds.

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