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The Reed-Like Sound Of The BASS FLUTE

English: A bass flute.
A bass flute.
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Often in a pitch lower than the concert flute by about one octave and in the key of C, the bass flute is one of the largest instruments in the flute family with a curved end. This type of flute has keys that the musician uses in order to plug different combinations of holes to create the different notes. While this flute has a low sound, its drawback is that it can easily be lost when played with a number of other instruments as a result of its low pitch. The instrument has a decent range, though it could be considered relatively limited.

The bass flute is not a very old instrument, when comparing it to other types of flutes in the family. There are some difficulties in designing the bass flute, such as how to keep tapering the flute through the curve at the end of the instrument. This curve results in the musician having to use alternative ways to reach some of the notes they require, because of how the curve gets in the way of producing the right notes.

There is still some work being done to improve the design, but it is a decent enough instrument for now. It could also be a combination of the lack of music available that includes the bass flute as well as the unfortunate drawback that other instruments can easily drown it out that is the reason for this particular instrument not being too popular.

As time goes on and more improvements are made on the bass flute it might become more popular, especially if it becomes a little easier to play. It might not be the choice for people who are new to learning a wind instrument. It is often suggested that a person new to playing a wind instrument first learns how to play a simpler flute and become familiar with how to read sheet music.

This is not to say that if someone chose to learn how to play the bass flute without any previous experience that they would necessarily have a difficult time in learning how to play it. Some people can pick up the basics fairly quickly, especially if they have a mind to practice and be serious about learning how to play it as well as improve their skills. It is not normally an instrument that is offered in school bands, so many who choose to learn how to play the bass flute might have to do so on their own time.

Bass flutes are not exceptionally cheap, but one can save money by purchasing a used bass flute. Purchasing a used instrument when first starting out with any instrument is often suggested so that the new musician can have a chance to decide if it is really the instrument they want to play, especially if the instrument they have chosen to try is in a more expensive price range. The bass flute is going to cost a little more because it has a more complex design than the simpler flutes, such as the recorder.

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