Monday, March 13, 2017

Jazz Gets Contemporary With ACID JAZZ

I think anyone and everyone that likes music, or who has a particular musical genre preference, can admit that sometimes the same music gets stale. You hear the same songs over and over again and begin to feel your passion slowly slip away. For me, this means that it is time to search for new avenues. So, the question that is presented to you here is do you need to update your jazz selection?

Erykah Badu
 Erykah Badu (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Many people may not realize how much jazz has to offer. There are so many branches that your search may possibly be endless. An excellent contemporary category of jazz is acid jazz. Do not underestimate the awesome power that acid jazz possesses.

Now, you may be wondering, “What exactly is acid jazz?” Acid jazz combines different musical elements and instruments to create a unique blend of jazz, electronic and even hip hop at times. This does not mean that the genre lacks the same soul you would find in traditional jazz tunes. Just the opposite! In fact, Roy Ayers and Donald Byrd are credited as precursors to the acid jazz movement.

Even though the genre possesses a variety of instruments, including many that are electronic, artists still play live shows. This allows more room for creativity and free flowing sound since the songs are easy to manipulate while performing. Traditional jazz instruments are still incorporated in this genre.

One accredited artist that fits this category and is held in high esteem is Jamiroquai. As a prominent figure in the acid jazz community, Jamiroquai began their journey as artists in the early 1990s in the United Kingdom. The most famous of their songs, “Virtual Insanity,” hit the charts and was a number one across the globe. Other notable artists that fit into this category that can be mentioned are Erik Truffaz, Erykah Badu, Incognito, and Groove Collection.

While this genre is thought by many to be genius, it is difficult for traditional jazz listeners to dig into these futuristic sounds. The argument is that acid jazz does not possess the same soul and groove that traditional jazz offers. Others dare to say that acid jazz offers just the same things as classic jazz since its forerunners were one in the same. Instead of debating, just let your ears settle the argument for arguments’ sake. Of course we are all allowed to have our own opinions, but it never hurts to keep an open mind and consider new avenues. If you were or are a fan of jazz-funk, jazz-house, and jazz-fusion, you will love exploring this genre further. Take a look at different artists to explore the variety of sounds that is this wonderful musical creation.

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